Ajazz AKP815 Touch Screen Mechanical Keyboard

In Stock
  • 81 Keys + 4.95 Inch LCD Touch Screen
  •  Mini Steam Deck Provide 15 Custom Keys
  • EVA Sandwich -Gasket Structure
  • Customized HUANO Satellite Low Profile Red / Brown Switch
  • 16.8 Million RGB Backlight And Custom Drivers
  • Key-Line Separation And USB Type-C Connectivity
In Stock
  • Delivery around country (Home Delivery)
  • Warrenty As per manufacture


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Ajazz AKP815 Touch Screen Mechanical Keyboard


Ajazz AKP815 Touch Screen Mechanical Keyboard stands out with its 4.96-inch LCD screen, featuring 15 programmable keys. These keys boast customizable icons, offering a personalized touch to your control setup. Moreover, the screen’s versatility shines, as it doubles as a fully functional numpad, enhancing your numerical input efficiency and making it an exceptional choice for both creative and analytical tasks. This blend of customization and functionality sets the AKP815 apart as a unique tool for a wide array of digital activities.


    Elevate your digital experience with the Ajazz AKP815, a 75% low-profile mechanical keyboard meticulously engineered for the modern professional and enthusiast. By using a gasket-mounted design, this keyboard delivers a typing experience that’s not only comfortable but also remarkably stable, ensuring every keystroke is precise and satisfying.


    Crossing the boundaries of technology, the Ajazz AKP815 pledges allegiance to both Windows and Mac domains, offering a harmonious blend of versatility and performance. It’s a chameleon in the tech ecosystem, adapting seamlessly to your workflow, and ensuring that your creative genius is never hindered by compatibility concerns.

    The Ajazz AKP815 Touch Screen Mechanical Keyboard Is A


    Its not just a keyboard. It’s where art meets precision, where comfort meets innovation. & where every stroke, tap, and swipe is a step towards achieving your digital dreams. Welcome to a world where your keyboard is the key to unlocking a universe of possibilities.

    Download Driver:
    AJAZZ AKP815_Mechanical Keyboard_ Screen Driver (Windows) _V2.9.177.rar
    AJAZZ AKP815_Mechanical Keyboard_Screen Driver (MAC) _V2.9.178.rar

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